What It Means to Never Give UP: A True Story

What It Means to Never Give UP: A True Story

March 20, 2019 Press & Reviews 0

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Billy Spahn was 12 years old when he dove off a pier into shallow water at the family’s cottage and broke his neck. He instantly became quadriplegic which was considered a life sentence for never walking again. But he never gave up hope nor did his family. Hope combined with perseverance, determination, pain, courage and lots of love and support brought Billy back on his feet. After several months, Billy walked out of the hospital and went on to become a successful businessman and live a full life.

On this program, Susan Spahn, who shares her brother’s story in her recently-released book, Never Give Up, is joined by her brother, Bill, who vividly recalls the day he dove off that pier and how that changed his life.

Sadly, I received the news that Bill Spahn passed away suddenly a few weeks ago. His death does not take away from the determination and persistence he demonstrated in the face of great adversity. Bill Spahn remains an inspiration for us all to never give up!

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