This is the true story of 12 year old Billy Spahn, a happy, athletic, energetic kid from Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. Going up to his family’s cottage was always the highlight of his summer. On July 3, 1975, Billy dove into the lake and broke his neck. His family was told he was a quadriplegic and he should be put in a nursing home. His family never accepted that prognosis and they never told Billy that he wouldn’t walk again.

This is the story of one child’s strength and determination to retrain his body and get his life back.

Bill Spahn became a successful businessman, in addition to having his own fishing show. He retired at the age of 45, a multi-millionaire.

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Sun Prairie native writes miraculous recovery story

“I loved my parents, my brother and sisters before the accidents, but never thought about why,” Spahn said. “During the process of helping Bill walk again, we rallied around what needed to be done; we never looked back”.

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“Never Give Up” Finalist in Beverly Hills Books Awards

“Never Give Up” was a finalist in the 6th Annual Beverly Hills Book Awards.

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“Five stars…I loved every minute of reading this moving story.  This book showed to me how much power mind can have over body as is the case with Billy…..I express my thanks for being able to read this…. The story is compelling.  The book is a great read with a story I hope all young people hear about.”

Geraldine J. Clouston
President of B.R.A.G.

“Such an inspiring story! I could not put it down! This book is about the love and strength of a family. It was such an inspiring read! This family has gone through so much. Most people wouldn’t come back from things like this. It goes to show that if you love one another and truly never give up…anything is possible!

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Amazing story!

“Never Give Up” is a very inspiring, intriguing story that reminds us that sometimes with perseverance, determination and the unwavering, strong-love and devotion of a family; we really can move the mountains that previously seemed unsurmountable
Sue Paulsen
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